The ‘Experts’ Got It Wrong – Why We Must Be Diligent About Who We Trust


Well what do you know, he actually did it. The absolute madman actually won the US election. Against all odds, against everyone’s best wishes and predictions and ‘analyses’, in the end, Trump won.

Now comes the fun part. Now we get to watch all those nay-sayers and ‘experts’ do their best to defend their previous positions on why Trump would not win the White House.

We need to take a good hard look at the people we entrust to craft our opinions. They’re not only manipulative in their methods but they are also very out of touch with reality.

Within the few days after the election there was already an outpour of ‘heart-to-heart’ performances done by comedians and talk-show hosts who mascaraed as intellectuals.

What they preach might give the impression that they’re witty in their observations or that they’re sophisticated in their ‘expertise’. But realistically it should insult the intelligence of anyone who even gives them the time of day upon revelations of such a huge and grandiose miscalculation on their behalf.nyt-election-odds

Think about this next time you see them trying to do damage control and back-pedal on their word or reflect the blame onto something else instead of admitting that they were wrong.

Leave it to a reality TV star to snap everyone back to reality. The pundits were so caught up in their little fantasy world that it did not occur to them that maybe the landscape of the very nation they try and describe is not at all pertinent to what is reality.

I’d like to finish this short op-ed with a quote that I found best describes the reaction of this entire movement.

“First they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” –Gandhi