Trump And Putin Agree Over The Phone To Improve US-Russia Relations


This is the statement that the Presidential Transition Team posted not to long ago on social media regarding the phone conference president-elect Donald Trump had with Russian president Vladimir Putin.


Similarly, the website had this to say about today’s phone conversation.


It should be noted that this conversation was planned in advance to ensure the fluid nature of US-Russian relation transitions smoothly and without any surprises.

It appears that after 4-8 years of ruinous Neo-con foreign policy, the two world powers will finally be working closer with each other to resolve a wide range of issues and abandoned disputes.

The US and Russia have many things to try and make right such as the situation in Syria, bilateral sanctions, and the Ukrainian situation.

Only time will tell if and how these two countries will plan on working with each other, but this bit of news is a good sign pointing to things going to the right direction.