Electors Are Already Scheming To Rob Trump Of His Presidency


So, if you’re someone who follows American politics but doesn’t exactly know the intricacies of the electoral system, let me break it down for you.

Essentially, when the people came out to vote on November 9th they technically weren’t voting for who gets to be president. They were voting for their state’s electoral representative to vote for whomever they (the people) wanted to become president.

To put it simply, the people voted in their state for who to be president; then that state entrusts power to their electors to then make a vote on December 19th to formally vote for the president of the United States.

That’s why you saw all those different states have different numbers associated with their state. That’s the weighted number of electors in those states.

This is just another one of the checks and balances that the constitution has to ensure that the state of the union is preserved.

Not only that, but it also serves as reminder that the US is technically not a Democracy where the mob rules, but a Republic wherein the Constitution is the ultimate law of the land.

Now to be fair, there are amendments in the constitution that allow each individual states to form their own laws surrounding the electoral system. One such law is the Faithless Electoral law which prohibits their state’s electors from being unfaithful to the people’s vote and overall voice.

The image below shows exactly which states within the union have laws that prohibit faithless electors.


Granted these men who came on-air are not only Democrat electors, but they come from Washington and Colorado (states that have faithless elector laws).

But that does not mean we shouldn’t hold our breath with the Republican electors; especially because of the far reach of the Never Trump movement and how unpopular Donald Trump has been with the establishment.

It would seem now that we have another date to look forward to surrounding the 2016 US elections.

December 19th. Be sure to check in with Realpolitik News for further developments on this.