Obama Urges Trump To Not Take a “Realpolitik Approach” To Dealing With Russia


Today President Barack Obama, after a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, has urged for Trump to “not simply take a realpolitik approach” in dealing with Russia.

Seeing as how our website’s name is Realpolitik News, we found it obligatory to make a few comments and analyses upon hearing the news that Obama urged Trump to not practice a realpolitik approach to International Affairs.

So what is realpolitik anyway?

Realpolitik is a system of politics or principles based on practicality rather than moral or ideological considerations.

Essentially it’s a realist’s form of practicing politics on an international level.



So President Obama doesn’t want President elect Trump to practice realpolitiks when dealing with Russia, urging Trump to not cut deals with Russia that could potentially result in “leaving countries vulnerable” and “create long term problems in areas like Syria”

Let’s say for the sake of arguing that Trump would follow Obama’s advice in this regard, and continue the pursuit of a non-realist based geopolitical foreign policy.

The opposite of realism is idealism. So ultimately how Obama wishes to see Trump handle US relations with Russia would fundamentally be based on an idealistic approach.

One has to wonder, given everything that has happened in the past between these two countries: how would it at all be prudent for the US to continue an idealistic approach to dealing with Russia?

Never mind the Cold War (which is seen by historians to be primarily a hegemonic conflict of ideologies) for just a second, and let’s look at how US-Russia relations have panned out in the 21st century alone.


America has toppled numerous governments in the middle east and Europe.

  • They played an intrinsic part in the change-up of government in Ukraine.
  • They supported the ousting of Qaddafi in Libya in favor of new leadership.
  • They invaded Iraq and left it in pieces with a system of governance that did not work.
  • They continue to wage war against Al-Assad in Syria.
  • And the list goes on.

All of those points mentioned above were done in part under the auspices of idealistic values of promoting freedom and democracy. We all know how well that turned out in the end..

On the inside political arena, things might be a bit different. There might be ulterior reasons America and other states act and react the way that they do on the international stage.

But if Obama has the audacity to cite such an ideological approach to international relations, than there must be a reason for it.

Obama knows full well that the stability of the world, for the moment, depends entirely on these two states getting along. And yet he un-apologetically wishes to see Trump undertake the same failed approach that he’s been taking?

Let’s hope that for the world’s sake, Trump will defy the previous status quo of US-Russian relations.



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