Communism Alive and Well in Italy – 80 Year Old Hotel Manager Forced to Surrender Hotel to Migrants


80 year old Luigi Fogli, owner of the hotel Lory in Ficarolo in Rovigo province Italy, was greeted with unwanted guests one November morning.

Reports say that Fogli had previously looked into accommodating the incoming African migrants, but refused to further pursue such an arrangement upon learning that he wouldn’t be compensated enough by the city for his business.

But the local prefecture was having none of it, and instead of upholding their oath to serve their citizens, they took advantage of the poor man’s defenseless state and forced him to let in the African migrants.

The sheer act of such an injustice is reminiscent to that of the early days of communism in Russia, whereupon the state seized ownership of private property and rendered it communal.

Sadly, many such incidences go undocumented in Italy, as Europe continues to collectively suffer the effects that the migrant crisis has had on them.