Dear Globalist Liberal Media: It’s 2016 – Get With The Times


Well there you have it, I done gone said it. I’ve reached the culminating and inescapable conclusion that the archaic liberal media of yesteryear has become decreasingly obsolete in this day and age.

And what might be their ultimate demise you may ask? The answer is quite simple. Themselves.

Although the title for this article might be a bit of a play-on the meme Le Current Year Man, I think that it serves as both an ironic yet very real representation of just how far a fallacious argument from chronological snobbery can come around and kick you in the back.


The year is now 2016. If you’re like me, you might find this a bit of a shocker in terms of just how far we’ve come.

It used to be that leftism, and in turn liberalism, was the single most popular reactionary movement of modern times. And as it were, the left has grown to love the presumptuous idea that reactionary thinking is somehow their brain child.

When conservative values were passed down throughout the ages; when the struggle for a holistic society was an endeavor founded upon both the drawbacks and triumphs of our ancestors’ mentality: it was liberalism which sprung out through necessity, and ultimately challenged that sort of status quo thinking.


In doing so, it would go on to ultimately change the way western society oriented itself.

For better or for worse I cannot say. But what I can say, is that we must learn to deal with the world our parents have left for us to inherit.

Fast forward to today where we find ourselves in the midst of a progressive and post neo-liberal society.

The driving force behind social and political bouleversement up until today has evolved from a sect of socio-political pioneers of the 19th-20th century, into a grossly over-represented libero-marxist establishment that we come to learn and recognize today.


In essence, we’ve become so ‘progressive’ as a society, that we’ve discovered a repressively dumbfounded way to uphold our liberally oriented moral principles; and collectively reject the very ethos that the liberal revolution was originally founded upon: free speech and the openness for mature dialogue.

It’s not a hard idea to grasp. And as you’re reading this very sentence, you might feel a bit of a predisposed instinct to think critically about what it is I’ve just said.

THAT is PRECISELY the message I am trying to convey.

You, as both an individual and as a member of society, have been led to believe that the values that western civilization upholds are universal in accordance with the virtue of their maculate conception.


You are taught to believe that slogans like “diversity is our strength” and “born this way” are customarily a symbolic repetition of a song that describes a free and open society.

As you are about to learn, the truth could not be further from reality.

People have to ask, why is it that we should think this way? Whenceforth have we EVER learned to accept such hollow iterations as both fact and gospel? Never.

And that is precisely why the media, the very institution that propagates the entirety of this ruinous way of thinking, is losing their footing.

The movement which has come to be known as the Alt-Right challenges this form of thinking. And in turn, it circumvents notions of reactionary dialectic principles in its stead.


Gone are the days where we can’t talk about why a society or civilization can’t reject an invasive population knocking on its gates. Spent are the days that encourage a irreprehensible and steadfast globalist mentality.

What everyone of us should do right here right now, is look within ourselves, and find that part of us that hasn’t yet been corrupted though socio-political dogma – but instead yearns for the truth.

Volatire, a french philosopher and a man that even I have grown to detest over the years (but can’t help to admire); once said a brilliant proverb:


So with that, I will compose this informal letter.

Dear liberal media,

If you want to see what real progress is. If you truly want to document the very genesis of conscious human evolution; then you need to learn how to not reject free speech.

And in doing so, you must also need to learn how to deal with the voice of the counter-revolution which YOU have created.


-Just a Lad