How a Monkey Started a Tribal War in Libya Which Already Resulted in the Death of 20 People


No, sadly this isn’t a fake news story. In fact this conflict just started a few days ago.

In the Libyan city of Sabha, a man who raises monkeys decided it would be funny to use them to harass girls on their way home from school. The shopkeeper’s monkey managed to bite a girl and rip off her headscarf which escalated into honor-preserving escapade.

Since this incident happened in a tribal community, the girl’s family wanted justice for what has happened to her. But for reasons yet unknown, the monkey trainer’s tribe decided to defend him which forced the girl’s tribe to do the same thing.

Now there’s a full scale war going on in Sabha between the two tribes where Howitzer artillery and mortars are being used in the civilian populated area. Locals have even reported seeing tanks in the midst of this conflict.

The video bellow is a recording of a firefight in the city that’s being furiously carried out into the night

The 2nd video, taken just today, shows the state in which this Libyan city is in. You can hear the fire fight and artillery strike exchanges in the distance.

20 people are so far reported dead with injuries climbing into the high 60s.

What is now being dubbed as the Monkey War, this tragically bizarre series of events is an example of how deeply rooted the honor code is within the Islamic world.

But more importantly, it highlights the desperate state of affairs in Libya following the toppling of the Qaddafi government by the US led coalition.

And as a result of the vacuum of power left behind after the invasion, instability is rampat in much of Libya where conflict such as this are allowed to escalate to such a point.

Not much is being reported on this conflict due to the fact that it’s taking place in a relatively small town with minimal media infrastructre.
The monkey that caused all the destruction is reported to be dead.


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