If You’ve Ever Made a Donation to Trump’s Campaign – You Might Be At Risk


There’s a new tool that’s being used by liberals and leftists in America to continue their crusade against Trump and his supporters. And despite what money.cnn.com has claimed about it being a tool for transparency, the motive behind it is more sinister than they’ll like to admit.

@EveryTrumpDonor is a twitter account that is posting names and info of all Trump’s donors, one by one. And the owner of the account vows not to stop until all of Trump’s donors are proclaimed to the public domain.

So far, the account has over 13K tweets, all of them containing the identity,location,occupation, and amount donated to Trump’s presidential campaign.

Forget about what they’re trying to spin, THIS is the type of behavior that results in division within America.

It not only promotes public shaming and discrimination by political affiliation, but it’s also just such a childish thing to do.

To me it screams “Waaah, if I can’t get what I want, than I’m gonna make life harder for you!”

A lot of people in the past have gone through great lengths not to parade their political affiliation and motives on social media sites from fear of it becoming their apprehension with their work and/or peers.

Now, literally anyone, including employers who know how to use twitter can simply search for your name and see if you have or haven’t donated to Trump in the past.

This truly has the makings of a mob with pitchforks mentality. “He donated to Trump?! GET HIM!”