Putin and Duterte Finally Meet at the APEC Summit in Lima, Peru


The outspoken president of the Philippines has met with Russian president Vladimir Putin this weekend at the APEC summit in Lima, Peru to discuss further strengthening ties between the two countries.

Although the history between these two countries is not as extensive as with others, the shift in has forced the leaders of these two countries to finally meet face to face.

In the meeting, Duterte expressed his concern for US aggression on the world stage.

“Of late, I see a lot of these Western nations bullying small nations. And not only that, they are into so much hypocrisy. They want to seem to start war but are afraid to go to war. That is what’s wrong with America and the others. They are waging war in so many places…”

After the meeting, Vladimir Putin had formally invited Duterte to come visit Russia, so that the two nations can find common ground in the financial market, and sign any trade deals that are put forth from both camps.