Memes Aren’t Just Dreams – Trump’s Latest Tweet About London’s Future Ambassador to Washington


We all know just how much Nigel Farage has not only admired Donald Trump for his “tell it like it is” attitude in US politics, but also how much he’s helped him over the last few months with his public speaking and oratory skills.

Now Trump is hinting on twitter that Farage might be helping him a great deal more in the future as Britain’s ambassador to the United States.

Viewed by many as a dream team, up until recently, it’s been just a meme. But now it would seem that meme dreams really do come true.

Although nothing has been finalized as of yet, this announcement alone will probably make people like John Oliver and Pierce Morgan have a melt down, for both men not only have great ire towards Donald Trump, but to Nigel Farage as well for his role in promoting Brexit.

More details will follow.