ANNOUNCEMENT: Ben Carson Will Be Chief of Housing and Urban Development In Trump’s Cabinet


Developing – Former world renown neurosurgeon and pediatrician Ben Carson has made an announcement on early tuesday afternoon regarding his future standing in Trump’s cabinet.

Earlier yesterday, Trump made a tweet regarding how he feels about placing Ben Carson to work for American cities

And following this unofficial announcement, Ben Carson had this to say to his 5.6 million followers on Facebook.

Carson told Fox News on Tuesday that the HUD position “was one of the offers that’s on the table,” according to the French news agency, AFP.

“Our inner cities are in terrible shape and they definitely need some real attention,” he told Fox News.

More to come on when he will officially make the announcement.

Ben Carson, you’ll remember, was one of the many persons running for the GOP nomination in the primaries of last year and early 2016. He withdrew from the ticket in early March upon doing the math and learning that he had a slim to none chance of getting the nomination for his party.


Over the course of the primaries, Ben Carson took the high road and refused to speak ill of Donald Trump both out of principal and hindsight knowing that there still would be a chance for him to incorporate his vision and skills while working with the then likely nominee.

Even during the debates, the people saw how Carson held an undertone of admiration for Trump and his frank yet brutally honest demeanor when addressing key and controversial. Both men had repeatedly conveyed their contempt towards political correctness, which had helped them significantly during the campaign trail.

Now it would seem that Carson’s perception and patience has paid off, as Trump and his transition team eagerly look forward to working with him.