Video: Putin on Trump’s election promises – “What’s so bad about bringing manufacturing jobs back to America?”


Lima – After another busy day of talks at the 25th annual APEC summit in Peru, Putin held a press conference where he had this to say about Trump and his campaign promises.

“Concerning Mr. Trump about his desires to return to America their previous jobs and industries – there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Putin says that he recognizes the difference between the rhetoric exchanged by parties during an election cycle and the rhetoric exchanged by parties during their tenure in government. So with that in mind, he makes a clear point about his sentiment towards Trump’s protectionist economic policy.

In the press conference he stressed the difficulties and challenges that await Trump once he comes into office such as the insurmountable debt that they have.

While a lot of people will remember Trump for his unyielding promises to build a wall – what many people seem to overlook is the fact that a lot of America’s manufacturing jobs have packed up and left to go somewhere where it’s more profitable to continue operations.

This issue has been a hallmark of Trump’s campaign, and he firmly commits that it wasn’t an electoral tactic, and that he intends to return manufacturing jobs back to America.

Putin also says that he hasn’t got around to contacting Trump’s people about scheduling a formal meeting yet, but that that’s something that he stresses is in both parties’ interests.