UPDATED: How a Major Migrant Revolt in Bulgaria is Spiraling out of Control and is Being Completely Ignored by the Media



  • 16 policemen reported injured
  • Migrants have erected barricades inside the camp
  • Football hooligans have now gathered outside the migrant camp in large numbers
  • The Prime Minister of Bulgaria is now on his way

-There are reports of a store owner explaining to the media how the migrants with open wounds would go to the store and touch dozens of loaves of bread with the disease and leave without buying anything.

-She threw away all the bread and her husband and his brother chased them away and are now standing guard in front of the store not letting them in anymore.

More to come

Developing Story: 

November 24 – Some 3000 migrants from the Middle East (mainly Afghanistan) have made their way into Harmanli, a small Bulgarian hamlet of about 20,000 residence near the Bulgarian-Turkish boarder. The mostly male host of migrants are now violently rioting as a means of protesting the local authorities for their lack of free compensation and medical welfare.

The situation has become dire in recent days due to the outbreak of numerous viruses and infectious diseases such as malaria, scabies, and a variety of skin diseases among the migrant population.

After many weeks of being in denial about the situation (due mainly to the fact that they could not do much about it), the local government admitted that there was indeed a problem. And as a means of deterrence, the municipal government has instructed the authorities to secure the migrant center in order to contain the situation.

That unfortunately did not work, and now there are thousands of migrant men who have violently erupted into a fit of rage – setting fire to buildings, trashing businesses and wreaking havoc for the already fatigued Bulgarian town of Harmanli.


Police and Gendarmerie are now on the scene in a last ditched effort to stop this outbreak of violence. In truth, the police cannot practice effective standard issue crowd control for fear of being sacked by their EU appeasing government.

Bulgaria is still seen as a developing country, and so without a job one can rarely hope to survive in Bulgaria let alone take care after their family OR provide welfare for the foreign visitors.

The enraged migrants began to respond to the police’s containment efforts by throwing projectiles and by setting fire to even more of their surroundings.

Once police formed ranks and charged the rioters: in an effort to save face, the migrants threw their hands up in the air symbolizing their feigned surrender. But this gesture of ease did not last, because soon after that they went back to doing what they were doing before.

A famous Bulgarian vigilante by the name of Dinko is reported to (like many) be fed up with the way things have been unfolding, and is on the scene with some of his supporters saying “We don’t care if they are 3000 we are thousands as well, we will destroy them. This is our country, time to take it back!”

The situation is still fluid and unfolding right into the night.

Locals are reporting that the police have formed ranks once more with riot shields and water cannons.

Whichever direction this escapade progresses will be left up for the Bulgarian citizens to decide.



  1. Bulgarian citizen here, I can confirm 100% the information in this article. The people in Harmanli are scared, they are afraid to let women and children on the street, because of the roaming migrants. The latter have big wounds all over their bodies from skin diseases of all sorts.

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