New Pictures Emerge Of Hillary Pretending To Be An Everyday Normal Person After Election Defeat


November 24, New York – Yes, you heard correctly. Much like the cosmically coincidental picture of Clinton being spotted on a trail by a random hiker which turned out to be one of her aids, Hillary has now been spotted elsewhere.


It seems as though another random and totally not staged moment of happenstance occurred at the Chappaqua Village Market today in New York, where locals spotted the Hildabeast feigning a commoner’s way of life by shopping for groceries with Bill.


It makes critics wonder what sort of game she’s trying to play at. It happens to be a matter of public knowledge that the Clintons are up to their necks in various monies from countless donors around the world who have made donations to the Clinton Foundation.

So bearing that in mind, one has to wonder – why does she run the errands of a peasant when the money she has essentially ensures that she’ll never have to stoop the the status of her lessers and go grocery shopping ever again?


But maybe things changed. Maybe things are different now. Maybe it turned out that she had to give back the millions in investments she’s reaped from the disappointed foreign investors/corporations as a result of her presidential defeat.

Because of this down to earth act of quotidian-like meekness, and because of her frail grandma looking complexion- people who previously opposed her are now probably expected to sympathize and feel sorry for her, as if she’s somehow a victim trying to get back on her feet.


Not a chance, Hillary.

You reap what you sow. And judging by that lacklusterous look on your face – frailty and accelerated old age is just the price you pay for your life long record of crimes and disservitude. And no amount of pity-mining from staged appearances will change that.




  1. Remember on 11/09/16 when we thought the election was over & the voters had ended Hillary’s political career…why won’t the Clintons’ (all of the Clintons’) just relinquish the spotlight and go away?

  2. One thing is Ego !! Another may be, she still thinks she has a chance to be pres. If Stien comes in with enough votes or some rediculous thing like that!!
    She is just an old lady in your neighborhood !!👎👿

  3. If someone is foolish enough to issue an actual pardon, then she needs to go quietly into the sunset and help mz chelsee raise those grandbabies. Consider it a giant gift she didn’t deserve and move on.

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