Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill Praises Trump and Says What Every Liberal Politician in the West is too Afraid to Say


Moscow – In an interview about the changing moral landscape of the West and the future of Christianity, Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, the figurehead of the largest church in all of Christian Orthodoxy, gave some resounding yet critical analyses of Europe and the West’s policy towards their socio-political matters.

Addressing one of the main pillars of the self-imposed liberal society, his holiness had this to say about Multiculturalism:

“Multiculturalism has no future. Because it implies different cultures mixing. Different cultures and religions pour together and shaken vigorously to create a kind of cocktail. That would be impossible because of deep rooted traditions.”

“..this very approach contains a dangerous source of division, and I mean the fundamental division of the ‘brother against brother’ kind.”

In another portion of the interview, the conversation pivots to talks about Trump and how what he’s said over the course of the election cycle is exactly the type of conversation his holiness wants other western leaders to conduct.

“..his rhetoric was also in stark contrast with what the other candidates were saying, that’s why there was no hope in the other candidates’ remarks; and his (Mr. Trump’s) remarks give hope.”

His holiness Kirill was of course referencing Trump’s steadfast and quite frank position on working with Russia in an effort to eliminate world terrorism,

He also stresses the importance of Trump and Russia working together to neutralize ISIS and thereby give stability a chance to thrive in the middle-east for all the refugees and migrants that have subsequently fled to Europe and in turn caused the Migrant Crisis there.

Kirill strongly criticizes world leaders from shying away from this issue – particularly pitting the root of this phenomenon with the dominant culture of political correctness.

To view the full 18 minute long interview, click here