ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS: The Latest Hogwash The Huffington Post Is Expecting You To Believe


And They Seriously Think That Conservatives Are Guilty of Publishing Fake News

November 28 – With all the buzz going on recently about “fake news sites” making their rounds on the internet; Huffington Post, an online ‘news’ site that openly criticized conservative and right-wing online news media in the past has just came out with a trailblazing expose on..well just look for yourself.


This bold and frankly incriminating piece about an extreme Trump supporter gone wild bears a lot of negative baggage with the repercussions it imposes. But believe me, the shocked feeling of frustration and disgust will quickly dissipates as you’ll see, once you actually read through the genuine and totally legit letter that started it all.


Yep, they’re actually serious about this. You can totally tell that it was a Trump supporter who wrote this letter just by the word choice that he used when he described the positive qualities that Trump possessed like “xenophobic” and “anti-semitic”.

The irony being here is that these zingers and buzzwords have been the top favorite pick used to describe Trump and his supporters over the course of the election for a lot of left-wing media outlets.

You gotta wonder sometimes, just how stupid do they think we are? The left has been attempting to discredit and muddy the image of the right for decades. Instances of fake hate-mail and nazi graffiti has been an old tool of manipulation for the left for a long time.

Unfortunately, they’ve become so lazy recently, that they can’t even be bothered to put any real effort in their sabotage.

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The overly used hollow rhetoric supported by fake threats in letters and blatantly obvious fake graffiti has actually done a lot of damage over the years in belittling actual instances of hate-crime. So much so that damage actually, that’s it’s become somewhat of a meme void of any real gravity.


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